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With packages to suit every business budget, Just Connectivity can provide managed or unmanaged services and help secure your network. With our secure plus connectivity you can rest assured your data is protected at your network edge with world leading security.

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Capture ATP

Capture Advanced Threat Protection service is a cloud-based network sandbox that analyses suspicious code to help discover and stop newly developed malware.


just connectivity point right     Multi-engine cloud sandbox that includes virtualisation, hyper-visor level analysis and full-system emulation

     High security effectiveness at diagnosing new threats

     Automated breach prevention enabled by blocking files until a security verdict is determined

     Near real-time signature deployment protects organizations from follow-on attacks

     Email and app notifications with robust reporting from the sandbox environment


ATP Advanced Threat Protection

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GEO IP Filtering

Are you like most companies only dealing with people in certain geographic regions? With our GEO IP filtering you can block countries you don’t need connections from and greatly reduce your exposure to security threats. As shown in the information below a small proportion of countries are responsible for the majority of malware and therefore a significant reduction in network security threat can be reduced if those countries do not need to access.

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Gateway Security Services

Gateway Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware and Intrusion Prevention, Application Intelligence and Control1 Service

     Real-time gateway anti-virus engine that scans for viruses, worms, Trojans and other Internet threats in real-time.

     Dynamic spyware protection blocks the installation of malicious spyware and disrupts existing spyware communications.

     Powerful intrusion prevention protects against an array of network-based threats such as worms, Trojans and other malicious code.

     Application intelligence and control provides application classification and policy enforcement.

     Dynamically updated signature database for continuous threat protection.

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Content Filtering

Granular content filtering allows the administrator to block or apply bandwidth management to all predefined categories or any combination of categories. Administrators can apply User Level Authentication (ULA) and Single Sign-On (SSO) to enforce username and password logon.

CFS can block potentially harmful content such as Java™, ActiveX®, and Cookies, as well as schedule filtering by time of day, such as during school or business hours. CFS also enhances performance by filtering out IM, MP3s, streaming media, freeware and other files that drain bandwidth.

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Firewall and Application Control – Bandwidth Management

Controlling access into your network is so simple with our managed service and expert engineers on hand to make any changes you may need.

Not only can we firewall access into your network we can also control and report on what goes out of your network. If you want your staff not to have access to certain application or sites we can create a policy just for you. We can also control how much bandwidth users and/or applications to make sure your internet does not grind to a halt by someone or something hogging all the bandwidth.

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Remote Access VPN

just connectivity point right     Give your employees safe, easy access to the data and resources they need to be productive from a range of devices, including iOS, OS X, Android, Chrome OS, Kindle Fire and Windows.

     Display only the resources to which your workforce is authorised based on your policies for each user and mobile platform.

     Ensure that your corporate network is protected from mobile threats and unauthorised access with our durable secure VPN client.


Just Connectivity Network Security Reporting

Multi Site Policies are not an issue with our global management system along with other invaluable features such as audit trails and comprehensive reporting.

We can also create a security policy for all your sites that is tailor made for your organisation to ensure uniformity across the entire network. If you need to distribute management reports to senior staff; that’s no problem we can setup automatic schedules to email to report direct to the people who need the data.

just connectivity point right   Establishes a unified security governance, compliance and risk management security program

     Adopts a coherent and audit-able approach to security orchestration, forensics, analytics and reporting

     Reduces risk and provide fast response to security events

     Provides a big-picture view of the whole security ecosystem

     Automation of workflows assures compliance and the accuracy of policy changes

     Reports on HIPAA, SOX, and PCI for internal and external auditors

network security reporting

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Network Security Alerting

With our secure plus solution you also get world class Alerting that allows you to be informed of major security or system issues.

     Multiple Alert Types

Receive and send alerts by phone calls, that allow you to acknowledge the alert or automatically connect to a conference bridge. Receive alerts by SMS, respond by taking assignment, replying or closing the alert. Receive mobile push notifications, respond by replying, taking assignment or closing the alert in the mobile app. Receive email alerts, you can acknowledge the alert, receive attachments that will connect to the original ticket or connect you to a conference bridge.

     Custom Incident Notification

You can define custom communication methods for all users and groups. Examples include: group email, group text, group primary phone, user business phone, user business mobile, user personal phone, user email, and others. All alerts can be acknowledged through the mobile app or over the web.

     Alert Detailed Tracking

Keep a record of every person that was alerted, and each alert method, along with escalations and acknowledgements.

     Time-Based Alerting

Time-based delivery rules enable delayed delivery and sequencing, to allow the first user in the sequence to take ownership before the message is delivered to the next contact or the next user in the sequence

     Urgency-Based Alerting

Whether they work for another department in your organisation, or whether they are a customer or even a regulatory agency, sometimes you need to notify people besides your support team when a major incident occurs. Workflows can automate this process to ensure the message goes out every time, on time. You can send regular status updates and closure updates as well.

     Automatically Escalate Alerts with Workflows

Workflows can manage your service levels and send reminders to incident owners at regular intervals or send reminders based off an SLA deadline. Workflows can also trigger notifications to systems as well as to people. You can trigger other flows as well, such as change control processes needed to resolve a major incident.

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