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Just what do we do?

It’s simple, really. We help businesses just like yours – up and down the UK – to connect, stay connected, and connect securely, using all the right technology, at just the right price.

So however you work and whatever you need to help you make the most of technology, get in touch.

Your business is only as strong as your connections

We’re part of the Just Technology Group of companies – offering support, security and solutions to businesses all over the world.

As technical experts, we’ll help you fully exploit the technology you invest in – so it transforms the way you connect with your customers and your people. Our solutions will help you grow, nurture and secure your business.

Protect yourself against cyber-attacks and potential hackers at Just Cyber Security. Benefit from next generation firewalls, secure remote access and managed services at Just Firewalls.

Choose us to connect you to the right type of affordable technology for your business.

Read on to find out how.

Just connect

We connect businesses to the Internet using wireless, fibre and/or copper based Leased Lines. And what’s more, we source the right solutions and packages from big names like BT, Gamma and TalkTalk to suit your set up.

It’s often less expensive for our business customers to do this. And furthermore, they get to enjoy all the additional extras we provide as a result, like a 24-hour helpdesk, or useful alerts and reports about how their network is performing.

We’re also experts in communication technologies such as MPLS and SD-WAN, that help bigger businesses scale up their connections, so they can communicate quicker and more securely.

Just stay connected

We work with businesses at different times of their business lives - whether they’re starting out, moving around temporarily, or expanding.

In our experience, businesses don’t stand still, so their technology needs to move with them, to keep them connected.

And sometimes technology breaks or is damaged, so it’s prudent to know what back-up options you have.

We specialise in helping businesses to stay connected with Internet Backup 4G. So, if you’re setting up a temporary office, or things have just gone pear-shaped – we can help get you up and running quickly.

Just connect securely

When businesses like yours do connect, we help protect them from things like viruses that put their data in jeopardy. How? By offering them the best Network Security wrap-around for their network.

Our solutions create a more secure environment for you and your people to work in. So, everyday activities like browsing the Internet, sharing information and downloading files are all done in safety.

When you need to source the right technology for your business, we can help. From connecting to the Internet and backing up your data, to scaling up your business and setting up a mobile office – whatever you need, let’s hook up. Connect with the Just Connectivity team today.

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