Leased Lines and Business Internet


Leased Lines and Business Internet

At Just Connectivity, we work alongside all of the major suppliers of internet connectivity to give you the best possible pricing for leased lines and business internet without being tied into long contract terms as some suppliers tend to do.

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Why don’t I just go direct to the supplier and save my business money?

At Just Connectivity buy in large volumes and broker deals on your behalf, this means the price we can offer your business will be in almost all circumstances less expensive than going direct.

A new connection is such a hassle!

We also offer a personal service and will manage the installation of your line for you to ensure your order goes as smoothly as possible, taking away the much of the disruptions when dealing with new leased line and business internet implementation. Just Connectivity have been providing these services for many years and the one area which our clients voiced most frustration is when trying to deal with large telecoms providers. They found the process time intensive and often had to make several calls to begin the process or report problems. Here are Just Connectivity, we take that away so ordering a new connection is as easy and hassle free as possible.

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What products can my business order from Just Connectivity?

We have a broad range of products from fibre directly into your building to wireless based leased lines where connectivity is required in a shorter time or resiliency is needed from the local telephone exchange. If you are unsure of what you require please call Just Connectivity, a part of the OpenIP Group on freephone 0808 178 3278 and speak to one of our network experts who will guide you through the process and provide a bespoke quote.


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                                           Fibre based lines

                                           Wireless lines

                                           Copper Based Links




Does my business get anything extra when ordering from Just Connectivity?

Yes! Just Connectivity also implment a range of extras not available with other providers, this ensures the smooth running of your connections and if in the unlikely event that there is a problem, that it is rectified quickly with minimum impact to your business, these include;

     24 hour alert system in the event of an issue on the link by phone, SMS or email

     Flexible reporting of bandwidth usage and availability from our friendly access portal

     Alerting if your link is being heavily utilised

     24 hour help-desk in the event of an issue with your link

     With our secure plus product you get many other added benefits, click here for more information


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Just Connectivity provide a range of reliable and competitively priced Fibre Internet Leased line solutions to UK businesses

Business Fibre Internet Leased lines

Fibre connections provided to businesses throughout the UK.

A leased fibre line is suitable for businesses that use cloud services, VPN connections for site-to-site and remote access in addition to VoIP telephony. It is also recommended for organisations that upload and maintain large amounts of data.

Speeds from 10 megabit to 10 gigabit are available, please speak to our network engineers regarding what the best speeds for your business requirements are.

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Wireless Lines

     Superfast delivery – we can install a circuit within 25 working days of receiving an order – that’s much quicker than a traditional leased line. With Wireless, our expert engineers attend site, install the equipment to your building and present the Ethernet connection into your office. It really is that simple and planning permission in the vast majority of installs is not required.

    Scalability – We can often upgrade customers to a higher bandwidth rate remotely and much quicker turnaround and a normal wired connection.

   What about moving – As the circuit is delivered over the airwaves, it is easy to relocate should you move site (subject to survey).

Purchase your Leased Line from a trusted accredited services provider

Simply  provide us with your business address and contact details in the contact form below. A member of our network engineer team will then contact you to discuss the different pricing options and availability in your area.

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